It all started with a book

When I found out I was having a girl, I was elated! I couldn't wait for all the princess tea parties and trips to Target with my new BFF. But slowly, the realities crept in. I have to raise a daughter!

I remember telling a colleague about how nervous I was to raise a girl. The thought of raising a daughter was seriously terrifying! From all the societal pressures women face around their appearance and weight, to high school bullies, it was just too much. We talked a bit more about the challenges of raising girls in today's society.

A few weeks later, that same colleague handed me a gift: "Bad Girls Throughout History." She remembered our conversation and thought I might like it for my daughter. It's a book full of 100 remarkable women with amazing stories of fearlessness.

As silly as it may sound, this book inspired me to finally launch Box Moxy. For years, I thought about starting my own gift box company. I always had a knack for creating unique gift boxes, but I was too scared to start my own business. Was this the kind of woman I wanted to raise my daughter to be? Too scared to take risks and believe in herself? Heck no! So I had to stop being a weenie and do it.

It was an instant decision to only source products from women-owned businesses. I wanted to create a company and a community where female empowerment thrived. I wanted my daughter to see all of these amazing women who are out here running their own businesses and being Bad Girls!

I'm proud of what we're building at Box Moxy. We may be a new company in a sea of other gift box companies, but we're fueled by our passion and excitement to empower other women to follow their dreams.

- Katelyn Koplan // Founder of Box Moxy

charitable impact

Charity is a significant component of our business model. Every month, we donate 10% of our profits to charitable causes.

Our company has set a goal to donate $50,000 to charity over the next five years.