The Best Ways to Support a New Mother

Becoming a new mother can be both exciting and overwhelming. The physical and emotional changes that come with it can make the experience challenging for some women. As a friend, family member, or partner, supporting a new mother can be an excellent way of showing care and love.

  1. Offer to help with practical tasks: One of the best ways to support a new mother is to offer help with practical tasks. This can range from grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, or running errands. These tasks can be especially tiring for new mothers, who are already trying to adjust to their new role.

  2. Listen and be there: New mothers can benefit greatly from having someone to talk to who will listen and offer emotional support. Being there for them, even if it’s just to chat, can be a tremendous help.

  3. Take care of the baby: Another way to support a new mother is by taking care of the baby. This can include taking the baby for a walk, giving the mother a break from the responsibilities of parenting, or even just holding the baby so the mother can rest.

  4. Send a thoughtful gift: Surprising a new mother with a thoughtful gift can show her how much she is appreciated and loved. Box Moxy has an amazing curated New Momma Box is the perfect surprise! 

    From a delicious gummy bear encrusted chocolate bar to a book full of encouraging quotes and advice, this gift box is expertly curated with momma in mind. We complete each box with a ribbon of your choosing and a handwritten card. Feel great knowing that your thoughtful gift also supports six small women-owned businesses and charity.